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Solubility is a central protein property and when reduced can lead to diseases. PON-Sol2 is a prediction program to detect amino acid substitutions that increase, decrease or have no effect on the protein solubility. The method is based on a gradient boosting algorithm and it has been trained on a large data set. The method is fast and has high performance. It can be used to predict variations for proteins from any organism.

PON-Sol2 was developed in collaboration between the groups of Prof. Mauno Vihinen in Lund University and Assoc. Prof. Yang Yang in Soochow University. You can also visit the mirror website in Soochow University, China.

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Input formats

There are two input formats. Sequences can be given either in FASTA format or indicated by their IDs.

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Data sets

5666 variants were used for method training and 662 variants were used for blind test. The data sets are freely available.

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Prediction results

Result are displayed on the Results page. You can also provide your email, then the results are by email.

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How to cite?

PON-Sol2 was published in Yang Y, Zeng L, Vihinen M. (2021) PON-Sol2: Prediction of Effects of Variants on Protein Solubility. IJMS, ijms22158027. IJMS

The original PON-Sol was published in Yang, Y. , Niroula, A. , Shen, B. , & Vihinen, M. . (2016). Pon-sol: prediction of effects of amino acid substitutions on protein solubility. Bioinformatics, btw066. Bioinformatics